Toll Logistics Helped By A B Equipment Innovations 2

Toll Logistics Helped by A B Equipment Innovations

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Tolls Logistics (Prospect) required a solution to a problem of having a large gap between the truck and loading dock when loading or unloading trucks.

Upon viewing the situation, rather than having Toll Logistics extend their existing dock leveller, A B Equipment designed and built a light weight “Bridging Plate” constructed of aluminium. The new “Bridging Plate” is easy to manage and put into position. Having passed all Occupational Health & Safety aspects, Toll Logistics is greatly satisfied with the resolution A B Equipment innovated for them.

Proving yet again that A B Equipment provide a total solutions package to suit the customer’s needs.

These “Bridging Plate” units were designed, manufactured and tested by A B Equipment’s Major Works team, headed by Alan Campbell and have now been offered to other customers with similar requirements to that of the Toll Logistics Group.

Toll Logistics helped by A B Equipment innovations   Toll Logistics helped by A B Equipment innovations