HSM V-Press 825 Plus Pro

Sliding Door With Handwheel Door Lock

The HSM V-Press 825 Plus Pro is characterized by its very low transport height.

  • Robust mechanical bale ejector belt for easy bale removal.
  • Special hydraulic cylinders with hard-chrome plated pistons reduce wear, prevent breakdowns and prolong service life.
  • Low installation height and small footprint.
  • High process reliability due to HSM TCS (Torsion Control System).
  • Configurations:  sliding door with hand wheel door lock.
  • Pressing power: 250.00 kN
  • Bale weight (max.): 280.00 kg
  • Hourly bale output: 2 – 5

Sliding Door:

  • To fill the press, the upper half of the doors are pushed down.
  • Automatically opens after the compression process.
  • Opened upper edge of the gate can be used as storage and therefore facilitates the filling.
  • Automatic start of the pressing process after closing the door.
  • Easily operated.

Hand Wheel Door Lock:

  • Counter-rotating thread for quick opening and closing.
  • Mounted at an ergonomic height.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Opening aid for expansive materials.

HSM V-Press 825 Plus Pro Brochure