HSM Vertical Baling Presses

Vertical Balers

HSM’s vertical baling presses of the V-Press series are incredibly well suited for industry, manufacturers and trading alike, due to their size, cost efficiency and capacity. With this compact baling press, you can reduce the volume of your on-site packaging material by up to 95%. The HSM Vertical Baling Presses are available in a range to suit your business needs.

The HSM Vertical Baling Presses series has many advantages:

  • Excellent price/performance ratio.
  • Performance according to your needs – with a wide variety of models.
  • Optimal bale dimensions and bale weights – for perfect truck utilisation and saving of transport costs.
  • User-friendly operation.
  • High degree of flexibility – press programs for cardboard and foil can be selected.
  • Long service life thanks to innovative control concept.

Energy Efficiency

The HSM V-Presses are highly energy efficient thanks to the specially developed rapid stroke technology. The central cylinder operates the pressing plate when only a low pressing power is required. The two outer cylinders are only used when higher compression is required. By doing this, the baler works more quickly and quietly than ordinary balers, and uses less power; reducing overheads and costs for the user.

  • Up to 40 % reduced electricity consumption compared to standard drives.
  • Up to 40 % reduced cycle time compared to standard drives.
  • Higher throughput capacity.
  • Lower starting current (only a 16 A connector plug is enough).
  • Available for models HSM V-Press 860 and 1160 in all configurations.

HSM V_Press Video

Bailing Press HSM V-Press Video