Blue Genius™ Gold Series I

Incorporates accurate proximity sensing of the operator’s finger within the low level electric field range. Since it has the capability of sensing touch and proximity through the insulating surface without direct electrical contact with electrode metal, problems of wear, contamination and even corrosion are eliminated.

The Blue Genius™ Gold Series I controls powered dock levelers, and is available with either sequential or independent lip control. Features include onboard diagnostics, touch-sensitive function buttons and keypad, plus a STOP button that can halt dock leveler operation should an emergency arise.

  • Deploy powered dock levelers safely and efficiently
  • Interior and exterior LED lights communication system available as an upgrade
  • Recommended for busy facilities requiring rapid and safe dock leveler performance

An LCD menu screen displays equipment status as well as instructions for operating and troubleshooting. Because its NEMA4X-rated polycarbonate enclosure is wet and corrosion-resistant, the panel can be installed in the wash-down zone and outdoor locations. It is also compatible with FDA-regulated operations, such as pharmaceutical and chemical handling locations.

With most dock controls, the box must be replaced to add equipment or change functions, resulting in expensive downtime. The Blue Genius™ Gold Series l is microprocessor-based, making the process is as simple as a software upgrade. The new equipment configuration is ready for use within minutes.

Blue Genius Controls Brochure