Air Frame Inflatable

Designed to suit door openings up to 3048mm x 3048mm, the Blue Giant Air Frame Inflatable Dock Seal allows full access to trailer interiors. An internal oil-tempered spring on the header air bag and counterweight retraction design on the vertical bags support full retraction when the unit is not in use.

Product Highlights

  • Two replaceable bottom draft flaps.
  • 1/2HP blower motor.
  • Double-stitching on all seams.
  • Treated lumber.
  • Wide range of durable fabrics to choose from.

Recommended Applications

  • Climate-controlled operations such as frozen food, groceries, and pharmaceuticals.

Available Options

  • Additional height on verticals.
  • Additional width on unit.
  • Additional drop on head bag.

Elite Series Air Frame Inflatable Brochure