Elite Series Inflatables

The Blue Giant Elite Elite Series Inflatables line of dock seals and shelters comes in a variety of styles. Rugged and practical air-inflated designs protect the building walls and tighten the contact area against the trailer, enabling a climate-controlled facility. Custom sizes and projections are available.

Adjustable Inflatable


Designed to suit door openings of up to 2438mm x 3048mm, the Adjustable Inflatable Dock Seal employs a resilient vertical air bag construction to protect building walls and increase the contact area against the trailer.

Stationary Inflatable


Designed for door openings up to 3048mm x 3048mm, the Stationary Inflatable Dock Seal resists impact damage and allows full access to the back of the trailer.

Air Frame Inflatable


Designed for door openings up to 3048mm x 3048mm, the Air Frame Inflatable Dock Seal can be completely retracted when not in use, safeguarding against external damage and improving cost of ownership.