BG200 Head Curtain Dock Seal

Designed to suit door openings up to 2438mm x 3048mm to 2743mm x 3048mm, the BG200 Head Curtain Dock Seal is designed to securely seal higher door openings. The header curtain has a built-in rope and pulley system that can be raised and lowered to match varying trailer heights, keeping outdoor contaminants out and conditioned air in.

Ideal for applications that involve variations in trailer heights.

Product Highlights

  • Two resilient foam side pads act as a cushion between the trailer and building while the full-width weighted head curtain conforms to the trailer top.
  • Sloped head curtain supports proper drainage to prevent water build-up.
  • Wider corner pleats on head curtain.
  • Double-stitching on all seams.
  • Tapered at bottom of pads to eliminate bumper pinch.
  • A wide range of durable fabrics is available to suit all application requirements.

BGDSC Head Curtain Dock Seal Brochure