Gooseneck Loading Dock Light

A Smart Dock Area Investment – The ideal solution for both dock and task lighting applications.

The Gooseneck Loading Dock Light has a narrow and compact profile allows it to be mounted between two neighbouring loading dock positions and used for either one, eliminating the need for a second light.

Product Highlights

  • The stainless steel arm is easy to position, allowing dock attendants to illuminate hard-to-reach areas
  • The light head’s rugged polycarbonate housing resists impact damage from trailers or forklifts
  • High-performance LED light lowers energy costs and lasts 50,000 hours, longer than conventional bulbs
  • Includes conveniently placed on / off switch, corrosion-resistant mounting box with powder-coated safety yellow cover, and four key slots for easy mounting

Gooseneck Industrial Light Brochure