Loading Dock Lighting

Blue Giant LED loading dock lights are easy to install and position, filling trailers and the loading bay area with cool white light for efficient and safe loading and unloading.

Loading_Dock_Light 200

Loading Dock Light

The Blue Giant Loading Dock Light is a cost-effective and long-lasting investment in dock safety lighting. Designed for all weather use, the Blue Giant Loading Dock Light package delivers steady and reliable illumination when needed. The high-impact polycarbonate head will not crack or malfunction due to trailer collision, ensuring continuous lighting and eliminating the need for frequent and expensive repairs.

Available with incandescent bulb or LED light.

LED_Loading_Dock_Light 200

LED Loading Dock Light

Brighter than incandescent or halogen bulbs while using 80% less energy.

The Blue Giant LED Loading Dock Light is a sustainable solution to the lighting demands of a busy material handling facility.

The LED Loading Dock Light uses only 27 watts of energy, but illuminates the loading dock area with the same clarity as a traditional PAR lamp, which uses 150. The savings of 123 watts per dock light allows facility managers to keep energy costs low without compromising on safety or performance.


Heavy Duty LED Dock Light

The Heavy Duty Series LED Dock Light can outlast 25 incandescent bulbs while using up to 94% less energy. The Heavy Duty LED Dock Light is designed to perform efficiently in the most demanding loading dock environments, such as extreme temperatures and wet or damp conditions. Rated NEMA4 and IP66.

Gooseneck_Loading_Dock_Light 200

Gooseneck Loading Dock Light

The Gooseneck Industrial Light provides optimum visibility inside trailers and around the loading dock area. A Smart Dock Area Investment, the Gooseneck Industrial Light’s narrow and compact profile allows it to be mounted between two neighbouring loading dock positions and used for either one, eliminating the need for a second light.

Dock_Light_Fan 200

Dock Light Fan

Improve lighting and ventilation at the loading dock. The Blue Giant Dock Light Fan provides a safe and comfortable working environment for dock personnel. The heavy duty, three speed (457mm) fan can move over 3000 cubic feet of air per minute, keeping employees cool on hot summer days and decreasing heating costs by spreading warm air during the winter.