LoMaster™ Stationary Dock Lift

Typically, a dock lift will cost 1/3 the price of a fork lift truck and will have a quick and favorable payback when compared to the long-term cost associated with operating a forklift and manually loading / off-loading a trailer. The LoMaster™ Stationary Dock Lift will also greatly reduce handling costs, cargo damage and employee injury common to vertical transfer operations.

Available in rated capacities of 4,000 to 20,000lbs (1,818 to 9,091kgs)

Quality Construction And Loading Versatility

The LoMaster™ Stationary Dock Lift ED Series is engineered to increase efficiency and safety in loading / unloading trucks and trailers. These versatile units can be mounted in a pit or anchored to a concrete pad, wherever the site requires.

A full-length deck beam ensures maximum support, and solid plate steel legs support maximum rigidity.The precision safety velocity fuses on the hydraulic cylinders limit platform free-fall. Each dock lift comes equipped with handrails, a 4″ (102mm) kick plate, and a barrier chain across each end.

Product Highlights

  • Deck widths range from 60″ to 96″ (1524 to 2438mm)
  • Deck lengths 96″ to 144″ (2438 to 3658mm)
  • Remote power pack 12′ (3,658 mm) hydraulic hose
  • Push button control on 12′ (3,658 mm) straight cord
  • Hydraulic pump with built-in overload relief
  • All hydraulic components including hoses and oil

LoMaster Ground Level Dock Lift Brochure