MD-CM Mechanical Edge of Dock Leveller

The Blue Giant MD-CM Mechanical Edge of Dock Leveller is ideally suited for applications where pit leveller installation is not feasible or standard fleet bed heights are serviced at the loading dock.

The Mechanical Edge of Dock Leveller Series is easily installed to the dock face, providing an efficient self storing docking unit, replacing cumbersome dock plates.

Available in rated capacities of 9,090 to 13,636kgs.

Ergonomic Operation

The MD-CM Mechanical Edge of Dock Leveller is easy to use and ergonomically based.  Simply insert the comfort grip handle, pull back, and push forward. A balanced spring lifts the system activating deck and lip operation. There is no heavy lifting or tugging involved.

Product Highlights

  • Deck and lip plates made of premium grade 50,000 psi minimum yield.
  • One-piece, continuous front and rear hinge pins for enhanced strength and durability.
  • Lip bevel helps protect forklift tires and steering systems and cargo.
  • Comfort grip handle doubles as a maintenance strut.

MD-CM Series Edge of Dock Leveller Brochure