One of our clients has a problematic goods lift with several reliability issues due to the PLC outputs failing, which caused the store to have problems with stock transfer to the store level.


A B Equipment’s solution was to replace the obsolete PLC with a relay logic upgrade, allowing the customer to have a more stable and reliable system in place.  This system eliminates stress put on the outputs when controlling DC solenoids, which can create an EMF that can damage the electronic relays of the PLC. 

The first picture shows the control cabinet before the upgrade as you can see the mess that has been caused by numerous bypasses and failures.

The second picture shows the final product after completion of the upgrade. The upgrade is compliant with all the original safety features in place. The new system also has an extra feature incorporated for servicing where the lower door can be controlled from a button in the control box to allow service entry into the pit with the lift in the raised position. Thus allowing the service technician to access inside the unit for servicing with ease.

Before Photo

After Photo