Aiming to work smarter, not harder.

Technology innovations should support businesses’ move to become faster, to adapt, and to thrive. While adjusting to new working practices often requires a shift in attitude, the right transformation can breed a culture of champions. This is what A B Equipment experienced as it proceeded on its digital transformation journey in partnership with Telstra.

A B Equipment are national specialists in plant and dock safety equipment sales and maintenance with offices and team members spread across all states in Australia. For the past 25 years A B Equipment has developed a reputation for providing innovative, efficient and quality customer service across Australia. However, manual processes were having a considerable impact on productivity and the company’s leadership team wanted to explore how they could overcome this challenge.


Upgrading from old-school to new world.

“We are well and truly moving beyond a simple phone line or internet set up with Telstra. They are responsible for opening our eyes to new ideas and technologies and explaining the efficiency improvements these innovations could make to our processes so that we work smarter, not harder,” said Danielle Sibson, Director of Operations, A B Equipment.

Telstra began initial consultations by exploring A B Equipment’s business challenges and desired outputs. Some of the company’s computers were outdated. They caused considerable lag and were unable to meet the business’ needs. Across the organisation, team members were using POP email systems, which were ineffective for an organisation that was reliant on email as a primary form of communication. The customer was keen to move to a scalable, flexible and reliable solution that could be managed off-site by Telstra.

“Our journey to the cloud has been a learning experience which we wanted to get right. Telstra has become far more than a telco provider to us, they are an end-to-end solutions provider that provides us with ongoing consultation which has been invaluable to our digital transformation,” said Danielle.

To learn more how A B Equipment and Telstra worked together, please view the PDF here.