Case Study No 6 – Scissor Lift Upgrade


The specifications were changing for a customer’s Scissor Lift. They no longer required manual lifting of the lips / flaps; additionally they required all functions to be electrically interfaced with push button control. The customer was facing a shortfall of capital and requested A B Equipment’s assistance to enable change and be compliant with their latest standards.


Independent engineers reviewed the steel structure of the old Scissor Lifts to determine whether the fitting of a hydraulic operating 900mm high lip/flat was not going to alter the structural integrity of the unit, or lower lifting and lower capacities of the unit. 

A B Equipment designed a fit out kit to have the old Scissor Lifts converted meeting the customer’s expectations and for a third of the cost  to replace the unit, enabling the customer change all their equipment and be compliant with their standards.

A B Equipment were able to convert these units in less than two (2) days, providing minimal interruption to the customer’s ability to receive stock and trade without any delays. 

Due to the success of this project for the customer, A B Equipment now have received from other customer’s for similar Scissor Lift Upgrades.

Scissor Lift Upgrades