Case Study No 5 – PLC Control Systems Replaced by Relay Control


PLC Control Systems failing through voltage spikes. Equipment affected: New Scissor Lifts and Compactors.

One client was looking at their third replacement due to voltage spikes, leaving the customer, in country Victoria, looking at a two week delay, which would mean their business efficiencies would suffer.


An electrician from A B Equipment developed a solution by changing the PLC Control with a relay style control system. He built the unit, completed installation into the Scissor Lift within one day, having the customer’s unit back up and running successfully without their business suffering.

It has now been three (3) years since A B Equipment provided this resolution and their renowned “can do” attitude without a single call out required to this unit.

When a PLC fails, we now give our customers an option to either replace the PLC unit or to have their unit’s system converted to a cheaper and more reliable relay control system with great results.

Independent tests and surveys found this resolution did not damage the electrical integrity of the unit; we provided an economical resolution ensuring all safety elements were addressed and Australian Electrical Codes and Practices were adhered to.

We now make this conversion for this national customer for any failed PLC, ensuring this is the best fit for each individual situation.

Relay Upgrades of PLC Units