Case Study No 3 – Generator Battery Enclosures


Generator batteries exploding in high humidity and high temperatures, without warning, where there was no air-conditioning / good air-flow and or close to the roof. The batteries exploding caused acid spills which has the potential to injure employees and contractors.


We fitted an enclosed battery box fitted with a small fan on the lid which ran off battery power. By installing this we found the ambient temperature of the battery reduced by up to 10 C degrees. This drop in temperature was sufficient to alleviate the issue of batteries exploding, providing the customer, their employees and contractors a safer working environment.

The success of this initial trial has now been rolled out as a standard nationally for the customer, performed at the same time as conducting their Programmed Maintenance Services to the generators.
For all enquiries to have the new Generator Battery Box fitted to your generator battery, please call 1300 223 784.

Generator Battery Enclosures

Generator Battery Enclosures After Refurbishment