Case Study No 2 – Compactor Bin Stops


Damage to compactors and compactor bins, and more importantly, the actual buildings, due to drivers who service the compactor bins coming at speed to release the bin away from the compactor head.


Our Sydney Service Manager came up with an idea of adding some heavy duty bin stops to sit alongside and just proud of the compactor head chemically anchored into the ground, giving the compactor head and more importantly the surrounding building more protection; as the heavy duty stops give the first indication to the truck driver that they have reached its resting point and it has not impacted on the compactor head.

The Sydney Service Manager designed, manufactured and had engineer testing performed.

Based of the initial success, the Bin Stops have been installed throughout several Sydney stores.

With this proven successful resolution to the issue, the justification (and a giant push) to have these bin stops mass produced and fitted to all compactor heads, thus eliminating any further impact issues for the customer.

Damage created without Bin Stops

Compactor Bin Stops Installed