A client of A B Equipment had a 36 year old scissor lift which had exceeded its serviceable lifespan. It was no longer suitable for the unloading of the purpose-built delivery truck. The loading dock was below ground and had height restrictions. The scissor lift’s age was also creating manual handling issues and would not level correctly with the truck floor. Additionally, the pit depth was too shallow, by 140mm, creating further manual handling issues.


A project scope of works was put together and signed off by our client. This scope of works was to decommission and remove the aged scissor lift. Complete works to the pit area to enable the installation of the new, installation of the new control box and convex mirror. It was decided not to replace the scissor lift, as a dock leveller would better suit the customer’s business needs of today.

The project commenced by the erection of safety barricades to control access to the work area. The scissor lift was decommissioned and removed.

The dock leveller pit base was cut, as it was too shallow. At this point, it was revealed there was a vent shaft below the concrete flooring that was active with airflow, which needed to be retained. Part of the vent shaft roof had to be removed and reformed to the new pit depth. With the new pit area prepared and ready, concrete was poured and a new front cast in angle in place. The concrete took 36 hours to cure before the new dock leveller could be installed. A 200mm front frame extension and bumper frame spacing was installed due to the pit dimensions not being able to be increased. Steel angle was used to infill for the pit sides, and then anti-slip was painted on. A new Blue Giant HU7010-30 hydraulic dock leveller with a 20” lip was then installed. The dock leveller had to be located so the main load point, where the hydraulic cylinder is located, was not directly over the vent shaft, else it could puncture a hole through it.

The scissor lift had toe guard hinged flaps. The cast in angle was recessed to accept the old toe guards. A B Equipment had to level the cast in angles with flat bar to enable the dock to sit flush with the floor.

The dock leveller control box had to be located in the old existing scissor lift control box location. This required some concrete chasing to locate the conduits in a safe position, which was then covered with plate. Because A B Equipment had to use the old conduits and control station location, we also supplied and installed a convex mirror to help the dock operators view the dock lip when deploying inside the truck. All waste was removed by A B Equipment.

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