This scissor lift unit is continually breaking the gate system because of the way it had to be lowered due to the storage of the railing. Additionally, it was challenging to unload trucks due to the narrowness of flap area obstructed by the railing. A B Equipment contacted our client and met with their Field Operations Supervisor to discuss a resolution.


Our Client and A B Equipment came to a decision the deck should be widened and have a permanent fixed-rail. Additionally, installation of a kick rail was required, to make the safety of the unit operationally compliant, and therefore safer for the operators.

The solution eliminated the need to lift the rail into position each time the unit was in use.  It also allowed for more space at the front of the lift table, giving access to the first pallet on a truck.

Jake Farnham and Matthew Douma completed the project, which was well thought out and therefore went smoothly with no issues arising. Technical works were carried out before project commencement, ensuring all facets of the work were covered off.

Our client’s staff were delighted with the final product. Advising they will save time every day due to the ease of operation of the scissor lift and now being able to unload trucks with ease.

Before Photos

After Photos