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Bug Screen Doors

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Bug Screen Doors: Coolness and Comfortable Made Sustainable

Blue Giant Bug Screen Doors create a comfortable work environment while cutting down on energy bills. Typical applications include loading bays, distribution centres, and warehouses. By enabling a pest-free facility, Blue Giant Bug Screen Doors can help keep product integrity and security.

All Blue Giant Bug Screen Doors have industrial-grade mesh barriers that are UV resistant and will not tear, rot or otherwise degrade during everyday use. The seams are double-stitched to guard against wear related separation, and stiffeners prevent the doors themselves from being blown out of their guides by strong wind gusts. Powered bug screen doors have a breakaway feature that prevents the fabric from tearing if hit by a forklift or other vehicle.

Once a bug screen door has been installed, employees, guests, and customers will all benefit from fresh breezes, comfortable temperatures, and total pest control.

Product Details

  • Modular Panels
    Innovative design with interchangeable door panels makes the bug screen easily convertible.
  • Extruded Aluminium Guide Tracks
    Guide the roll-up screen smoothly with UHMW inserts, reducing friction and adding an additional layer of protection and security.
  • 17 x 11 Weave Mesh Screen
    Tightly woven mesh that allows up to 35% air flow.
  • Extruded Aluminium Wind Bars
    These high strength stiffeners combat winds and negative air pressure.
  • Breakaway Bar
    Prevents bug screens from breaking if hit. The bottom bar releases in either direction and can easily be put back into the track.
  • Panels that are interchangeable
    Enabling quick and easy repairs.
  • Energy Efficiency
    A high shade factor that reduces heat build-up from the sun.
  • Door Size and Mounting Options
    Different door sizes and mounting options are available to suit site requirements.

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