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Blue Giant Pour-In Pans; Save Time and Make Money

Blue Giant Pour-In Pans; Save Time and Make Money

Pouring a dock leveller pit can be both time-consuming and expensive. With the newly released Blue Giant’s Pour-In Pans Dock Levellers, the entire process is made more efficient and cost effective by providing you with the perfect, ready-made pit. You’ll get the install right the first time around, without any adjustments or field welding.

A B Equipment Pty Limited, are proud to be an authorised dealer of Blue Giant, and to bring you the new Pour-In Pans Dock Leveller, which comes pre-assembled from the Blue Giant factory, eliminating the need to form the pit ahead of time.

Managing Director of A B Equipment, Simon Broadhead, said “We simply set the pan with the dock leveller onto the pre-poured pit floor and complete any applicable electrical or hydraulic hookups. Future upgrades are an easy matter of taking the old dock leveller out and putting the new one in.”

For further information please refer to our website where you can review the product brochure as well as view a detailed and informative video Blue Giant produced outlining the features and benefits of the pour-in pan installs.

Installation methods are variable; pit kits, curb angle kits and freestanding frames.

Posted in News on Mar 02, 2016.