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A B Equipment successfully perform a full upgrade to Coles Fairfield’s Scissor Lift saving it from the scrap yard!

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Coles Supermarkets engaged A B Equipment to look at either replacing or upgrading their non operational Blue Giant Scissor Lift to comply with the latest designs and safety standards. The unit was tagged out of commission many years ago and after consulting our design team and engineer’s, we were able to save this Scissor Lift from becoming scrap metal to now a fully functional and safe means of loading and unloading trucks etc. Instead of replacing the unit at a high dollar value, we were able to supply and install a fully hydraulic flap assembly to the front of the unit together with a set of heavy duty bollards with rubber dock bumpers installed on them to allow reversing trucks to come back onto the scissor lift without any impact to the actual scissor lift. We also supplied and installed a “man up” control station on the deck of the Scissor Lift allowing the operator to control the scissor lift’s movements whilst safely riding with the scissor lift. We completely re-wired the unit and fitted a PLC controlled wiring circuit allowing for all Australian electrical safety standards to be reach. We replaced all of the non compliant safety hand railing and repainted the unit to look as good as new, all for around a third of the price of a new Scissor Lift. All of these works were performed with the unit still in place causing no disruptions to the store’s trading ability.

Congratulations to our Major Works team led by Alan Campbell and Shaun Brenner, were Adam Broadhead, Matthew Grant, Luke James and Jonno. Job well done with pride and commitment shown.


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